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A-Lectric Company and Contracting provides annual and bi-annual generator maintenance. Our factory-trained and certified technicians are experienced with all major brands of residential and commercial generators. We deliver quality service according to the needs of each customer.

You wouldn’t drive your car for years without oil changes and other basic maintenance. Every vehicle owner knows that the time, money, and effort spent on keeping the car well maintained pays off in better performance and less frequent breakdowns. The same is true for your standby generator. Regular maintenance ensures that your generator is ready for any power outage. 

Professional generator maintenance should include: 

Generator InspectionThe technician will inspect the overall condition of the generator and specific components, such as fuel supply lines, shut-off valves, the exhaust system, air filter, engine block heater, carburetor heater, and all wires, cables, and connections. The inspection also includes checking for adequate airflow, testing the transfer switch, and simulating a power outage to ensure that everything is working properly.

Generator CleaningKeeping the components of the system clean reduces wear and tear on the generator. Thorough maintenance includes cleaning battery terminals, fuel filter sediment, generator housing, door hardware, brushes, and slip rings. Engine oil should be drained and replaced, and the oil filter and spark plugs should be changed. The engine oil pressure will be recorded. 

Generator TestingSeveral components will be checked and tested, including the battery voltages, battery under a load test, battery charging system, governor spring, and safety shutdowns. The generator voltage will be adjusted, and all results of the testing will be documented.

At A-Lectric Company and Contracting, our professional generator services include all of the above and more!

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Generator Maintenance In Shreveport & Bossier City

Generator maintenance should be conducted by a licensed professional, just like a licensed mechanic should handle certain repair and maintenance services for your vehicle. In between professional generator maintenance visits, there are things you can do to optimize generator performance. 

You can help keep your generator well maintained by:

  • Checking the oil regularly and adding oil as needed
  • Ensuring an adequate fuel supply
  • Making sure the generator is kept clear of snow, ice, and debris

Benefits from professional generator maintenance:

  • You Save Money -When having your generator professionally maintained you save money in the long run by avoiding big issue problems. When a technician regularly takes care of your unit, they can address problems early.
  • Helps Fueling -If your generator seems to be having trouble conserving fuel, it may be time to have our professional generator maintenance team come and help. Anything from a clog to a dead battery, we can help!
  • Increased Lifespan -Having routine maintenance (even annual maintenance) on your generator can help extend its lifespan. This is because regular maintenance allows it to run at peak performance at all times.

Yearly maintenance is recommended for most residential standby generators. Larger commercial or industrial generators may need maintenance twice a year. A qualified generator service contractor can provide information about the specific requirements of your generator and recommendations for professional inspections and service.

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