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Power outages are unpredictable, and property owners rely on their generators to supply power. If the generator isn’t working, you won’t have the backup power you need, and your property can be left vulnerable to damage. A-Lectric Company and Contracting offers services from highly-trained technicians who are equipped to repair all generator brands and models, and we have 24-hour emergency service available around the Shreveport area to get you up and running as soon as possible.

A standby generator allows you to remain comfortable during strong storms and other power outages. However, the generator needs to be in good condition to provide a reliable source of backup power. If your generator isn’t working or you are having any issues with performance, don’t wait to call for generator repair service. 

Schedule generator repair service when: 

  • The generator won’t start
  • You notice leaks
  • There is damage to the exterior of the generator
  • Maintenance has been neglected
  • You get an alert or error code 

When the generator isn’t working, you should not wait to call for repair service. An experienced contractor has the tools and expertise needed to locate the problem with your generator and provide fast and accurate repairs. 

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Maintaining Your Generator

Generators can stop working for a number of reasons. Some breakdowns can be avoided with regular preventative maintenance, but it isn’t always possible to prevent every problem. 

Common generator problems include: 

  • Battery malfunctions: A battery that isn’t working right may need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Transfer switches: The automatic transfer switch connects the generator to your electrical panel and switches your power from the utility to the generator when the power goes out. If the switch malfunctions, the generator won’t take over in an outage.
  • Generator leaks: Any coolant, oil, or fuel leaks should be repaired quickly to prevent additional damage to your generator.
  • Low oil levels: The oil level should be checked regularly, and new oil should be added when needed to avoid engine breakdowns and extend engine life.
  • Code violations: A generator needs to be installed according to current codes for safe and reliable operation. If the generator isn’t working due to improper installation, the code violation will need to be corrected.
  • Stalling while running: If your generator is stalling, the problem could be caused by bad spark plugs or a clogged fuel filter. An expert technician will check your spark plugs for cracks or normal wear and tear and will check both your air and oil filters for buildup.

Keeping up with annual generator inspections and preventative maintenance can help avoid unexpected generator failure. During routine maintenance, the technician will check and change the oil, look for leaks, test the components of the system, and make sure everything is up to code and working reliably. Any performance issues can be addressed during maintenance visits to prevent repairs.

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